Annual Fundraiser Dinner

2023 Annual Fundraiser Dinner

June 9th from 6pm - 9pm.

2343 Auburn Avenue


Imagine the courage it takes to say out loud, “I need help.” You’ve tried so hard to address your mental health on your own for so long and it’s taking its toll on your body, on your relationships, and on your job. You’re ready to start anew with a counselor and a job coach on your side. So you take that leap—only to find out you’re on a lengthy waitlist.


That’s the situation facing our neighbors all over Cincinnati. The wait for mental health and employment services was already long and it’s gotten worse with the pandemic. IKRON is no exception: currently, we have over 50 individuals on our waitlist for our best-practice services to address their anxiety, depression, and other barriers to employment.


Having to wait for mental health services can be devastating. Sometimes individuals have to wait so long that when we call to tell them we have a spot open, their phone number has changed, or they have lost their housing. For many, they may have lost hope. We can’t let this continue.


In order to address this growing need, IKRON is growing, too. We’ve hired more staff and opened a second building to serve more youth and adults with disabilities. Our new building is beautiful, spacious, and historic—but it’s missing an elevator, which is critical to serve everyone in our community.


We’re not okay with adding another barrier to folks who cannot navigate the stairs in a historic building, and that’s where you can help: we’re working to install a new elevator and continue to be a place of hope for individuals seeking to achieve a better life of self-sufficiency.


How can you help? We’re hosting a Grand Opening and Fundraiser for our new Graveson building on June 9th, 2023. All proceeds from our Grand Opening will go towards achieving accessibility, eliminating our waitlist, and serving more individuals than ever before. We hope you can join us by also donating to our silent auction. We’re looking for items like:

  •       monetary sponsorships
  •       product gift baskets
  •       event tickets
  •       hotel stays


We’d love to talk to you about how you can make a better tomorrow for youth and adults in our community. Call Raelyn Duening at (513) 621-1117 ext. 3280 or email to start making a difference today!